Congratulations to the 1,000+ students who have earned a badge at VLACS!

Our Career Badging Program was established in July as a way to recognize

students’ skills and reward them for their career-related achievements. Since

we started this program, we have issued over 1,000 badges to our hardworking

students who have demonstrated a devotion to their career exploration. 


Congratulations to the students who have earned a badge in the following career areas: 

Fashion Design: 1% 

Engineering: 2%

Hospitality and Tourism: 2%

Education: 3%

Business: 5%

Career Exploration: 5%

Criminal Justice: 12%

Coding and Technology: 12%

Digital Design: 13%

Wellness and Sports: 20%

Health Science: 25%

If you are new to our program, welcome! Here is what you need to know about


Badges are a digital representation of a student’s career-related accomplishments. They are issued any time a student completes a career-focused course or experience at VLACS.  

We launched our badging program to empower students to begin their career exploration, and to be rewarded for doing so! Now that badges are here, students can research and experiment with different professions so that they can make informed decisions about college, careers, and beyond!

Students who have earned a badge can share it across platforms, like their social media pages, and their email signature. They can place it on their resume so that prospective employers can view any advanced training they completed to earn it. Or, they can send it along with their college application materials to show college admissions officers all of the competencies they mastered.

Wherever a student’s journey takes them, badges ensure that they are prepared to succeed. If you would like to develop an awareness about how to pursue a career that piques your interest, while boosting your micro-credentials and earning high school credit, then you can start earning badges too! 

We currently offer over 50 career courses that students can take to earn a badge, with over 50 more badged career courses to come! Determine a subject that fuels your passions like Engineering, Education, IT, Culinary Arts, Business, or Nursing. Then visit our learning catalog and look for courses that have a blue checkmark under the “badges” column. Once you find your course, enroll at any time to start collecting your badges!