Traditional brick and mortar schools lean heavily on face-to-face parent/teacher conferences as an opportunity to talk about a student’s progress and to discuss areas in need of improvement or acceleration. These conferences are considered to be a great way for parents to have a candid conversation about their child’s learning experience.

At Virtual Learning Academy Charter School, we also heavily emphasize this sort of interaction between parents and instructors—only we do it in a way that is most flexible and interactive to all parties involved. True to our roots as a virtual school, instructors at VLACS communicate with parents through a variety of avenues, the most common of which involves something known as a virtual open house.

What Is a Virtual Open House?

Virtual Open House meetings at Virtual Learning Academy are available to potential VLACS parents and guardians, as well as those who currently have children enrolled as a part-time or full-time student. A VLACS virtual open house provides parents with the opportunity to find out more about online learning and to ask questions.

These types of virtual meetings are offered monthly throughout the school year. Click here to register for an upcoming session.

Monthly Meetings

In addition to open house meetings, VLACS requires all full time and part time students to participate in monthly meetings with their instructors. Parents are invited too. Much like brick and mortar schools, these monthly meetings are intended to:

  • Discuss progress
  • Analyze success
  • Identify challenges
  • Determine next steps

Instructors and parents also get a chance to talk with students about whether the pace they are following is right for them. Students get tips for learning online, time management and can then ask questions of their instructors. These meetings, in addition to VLACS virtual open house meetings, are facilitated using audio and video applications.

Face-to-Face Becoming a Thing of the Past

The benefits of virtual meetings in today’s world cannot be overstated. A recent article published by PGi asserts that virtual meetings can save time and money while increasing productivity.  

"If a virtual meeting was a superhero, productivity would be its power. Without all the planning, costs and travel involved, you can meet, collaborate and communicate even more with teammates, customers, external agencies and partners."

While the above is strictly in reference to the business world, few can argue that virtual meetings in the world of online education create not only a new level of convenience, but also increased productivity, and cost savings.

Committed to Staying in Touch

At Virtual Learning Academy, we recognize that parents today are busier than ever—meaning they’re not always able to get away from work for a parent-teacher conference. Virtual meetings with VLACS allow parents the flexibility to still be apart of their child’s education, even if their schedule doesn’t allow for it.

Parents are always encouraged to become involved in their child's academic career at the Virtual Learning Academy. In addition to our monthly virtual meetings, parents receive monthly communication from their student’s instructors—including progress reports each month. Parents and guardians can check on student progress anytime through their parent account at VLACS.

And as always, students are always encouraged to communicate with instructors via email, phone, and video.

Contact us today to learn even more about how parents of VLACS students are able to be a part of their child’s virtual learning experience.


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