Virtual schools provide excellent opportunities for students to learn without the distractions of other students, social dynamics or the need to “fit in.” The days of one-size-fits-all education are behind us. Students with every level of aptitude and skill have many choices about how, when, and where they receive their educations. Virtual education strips away the limitations of socioeconomic status, gender, religious preferences, ethnic origins, and disabilities.

The argument has been made that students who don't attend traditional schools miss real-world experiences and knowledge.  This is unequivocally false. In fact, virtual high schools can offer classes on a variety of real-world issues that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive in brick-and-mortar schools.

Being a top candidate for any job requires prospective workers to possess marketable skills like keyboarding, writing, file management, word processing, and proofreading. Computing for College and Careers introduces students to the basics of building their career foundation regardless of the path they take. 

How often do students get the opportunity to work with professionals, explore careers, make critical connections between their classwork and the real world AND earn credit for doing so? Career Exploration, Employability Skills, Job Shadow, and Microinternships are just a few of the many ways students can build their skill set and add valuable experience to their portfolios. 

New parents often find themselves in over their heads. What equipment does a baby need? How much does it cost to raise a child? In Real World Parenting, students learn exactly what it takes to be a parent. The class teaches positive parenting strategies and outlines game plans for effective child-rearing.

Students attending virtual schools also have a wide range of learning opportunities available to them. Virtual classes on real-world topics teach students valuable lessons about the “real world” and how to navigate adulthood.

To see even more examples of real-world learning opportunities check out the VLACS course catalog.




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