VLACS Student Debuts Her First Music Video

Emma Jedow is finishing her final months as a high school student at VLACS with big dreams. 

How A Student Managed Her Anxiety Through Art Therapy

According to a survey conducted by the Cyberbullying Research Center, 5.4 million students between the ages of 12-17 skipped school at some point during the school year because

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Bringing High School to the Racetrack

Image by Brian J. Nelson.

Providing students with an opportunity to personalize their education has proven to benefit those who choose to enroll in courses at virtual schools. 

How One Student Discovered Her Dream Job During an Internship

A studious and driven student, Naomi Nunez has a passion for anatomy and physiology. Ever since she was first introduced to the subject in middle school, she has taken an

How An Online Course Helped An Animal Lover Pursue Her Passion

When Savannah Dunn went to apply to work at a local veterinary clinic, she quickly realized she was going to need to brush up on the basics before attending her first day on