Introducing entrepreneurship in the classroom is becoming the new wave of thinking amongst middle and high school students. To demonstrate this thinking, CEO Mark Greenberg founded BuildEd, a program that offers a digital learning experience to students grade 6-12 with a curriculum that equips them with the skills and confidence of an entrepreneur. BuildEd was designed to teach students how to acquire an entrepreneurial mindset by sparking their creativity to form and share ideas. In turn, students can apply these skills into their lives that lead to college and career readiness. VLACS has included the BuildEd curriculum into our three unique Entrepreneurship courses to deliver engaging content that will have students thinking like an entrepreneur! 

For Greenberg, an entrepreneurial mindset is the foundation of workplace success. Entrepreneurship education means more than teaching students how to start a business, it's about teaching students how to become leaders, add value in the workplace, and gain the confidence to contribute ideas. 

Throughout his blog, Greenberg recognizes the demand for students with entrepreneurial skills such as the ability to effectively communicate, build self-confidence and become a problem-solver.   

In Measuring Entrepreneurship Education: It Matters, Greenberg writes, 

"If entrepreneurship is a mindset, a set of skills and competencies, resilience, and the ability to add value, then that is what we should be measuring in entrepreneurial education. Students need to exit entrepreneurship classes with a problem solving and problem seeking mindset.  Their mindset must believe that it can be done, and they can do it. They need to have skills. They should be able to work in teams, communicate, and exhibit resourcefulness. They need to have resilience. They should be able to demonstrate their ability to persevere toward a higher goal.  Sure, reviewing famous entrepreneurs and discussing business mechanics is helpful knowledge; but if we don’t arm students by training their entrepreneurial mindset and competencies, we are doing them a disservice. And as we know, if we don’t change how we measure entrepreneurial education programs to include these critical components, we won’t be able to improve this system."

It is never too early for students to begin generating big ideas. Enrolling in our series of entrepreneurship courses will inspire students to start thinking with the entrepreneurial mindset! Students can complete courses through any of our flexible learning journeys while earning badges for their accomplishments.  

Become the next generation of innovators and register for Entrepreneurship today! 

Entrepreneurship 1 

Entrepreneurship 2 

Entrepreneurship 3 coming soon!



VLACS Awarded Over 1,000 Career Badges to Students

VLACS Awarded Over 1,000 Career Badges to Students

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