High school is just one among many of the most important times of your life. It is the time that you'll begin to learn life skills, discover what you are passionate about, and prepare for the future.  It is when you'll set the stage for your journey ahead whether that be to go to college, travel, specialize in a trade, or work.

If you are a high school student looking for some guidance, or simply would like to feel inspired before heading out into the real world, watch these 3 TED Talks that ANYONE in high school should watch!


Watch Angela Lee Duckworth describe what she believes can create the recipe for success in students – grit.


Jason Shen shares a new way of demonstrating talent to prospective employers beyond a college degree or previous work experience.



Ashley Stahl identifies the difference between what you love and what you are by asking three questions to unlock your authentic career.



How to Build Your Emotional Intelligence

How to Build Your Emotional Intelligence

What does it mean to be emotionally intelligent and why is it important?

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