What's a Knowledge Base?

Have a question but don’t know who to ask? VLACS’s new knowledge base is the place to start!

Elementary Parents, Your Next Move May Be The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Dear parents of elementary school-aged children: we see you. For the past 18 months you’ve wondered, probably more than once, “Is this what school looks like now?”

VLACS Welcomes K-5 Students to Its Full-Time Program

At VLACS, we’re committed to offering students a world-class experience supported by an innovative, learner-centered approach to education. Today, our program is evolving to

Your Next Move!

These last two academic years were unlike any other as schools shut down in-person instruction and online learning became the norm. Many students turned to VLACS temporarily as

VLACS Student Celebrates the Legacy of Norma McGarr As He Blossoms Into His Career

Blossom. To come into one’s own. To flourish. To mature or develop in a promising way. These are just a few definitions of the word blossom, but it’s also a term that

Adult Education: Jamie's Journey to the Finish Line

Earning a high school diploma was something Jamie Duquette had been dreaming of for quite some time. So when the Covid-19 pandemic forced her to leave her job as a school

3 Ways to Conquer The Stress Of Online Learning

Zoom meetings, emails, competency-based assessments, welcome to the world of online learning!