VLACS Awarded Over 1,000 Career Badges to Students

Congratulations to the 1,000+ students who have earned a badge at VLACS!

Our Career Badging Program was established in July as a way to recognize

Voices of VLACS: How Former Spy Sean Finan Landed at VLACS

Sean Finan was a spy for the US Army’s Defense Intelligence Agency, but that’s all he can tell me about it. The longtime VLACS adjunct social studies instructor knows a thing

Voices of VLACS: All You Need Is Jeep Love - An Hour With Tara Michelle

G-R-O-W.  That’s what the metal planters spell over Tara Michelle’s fireplace, each overflowing with a different plant. “I love the idea of the outside being inside,” she says.

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Voices of VLACS: Family Time With Kristin Jones

“Internet is down!” reads the 10:08 Slack message. Kristin Jones, VLACS’s  Registrar and Administrative Assistant to School Counseling, Slacks me from her phone, apologizing

Everything You Need To Know About Job Shadows

What are your plans after graduation? 

6 Careers That Don't Require A Four-Year Degree

You’ve chosen your dream job, and now it’s time to get that college degree, right? Not so fast. You may not even need to earn a degree to enter your desired career path. There