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6 Reasons Why You Should Take College Courses in High School

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that college admissions are more competitive now than ever before. If you’re looking for ways to top up that..

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Six Things to Know About Customized Learning

Maybe you’ve heard some buzz out there.  Student-centered learning. Personalized Learning. Competency-based education.

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Learning Through Teams:  Enroll Today!


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How Online High School Helped a Former Ballerina Discover a New Passion

After being accepted into a premier ballet academy in New York City, Gwyneth Bailey left her Amherst, New Hampshire home behind to pursue her dream of..

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Virtual School Clubs and Activities: One of Many Social Networking Opportunities in Online Education

Attending a Virtual School Isn’t Only About Hitting the Books

Editors Note: A common misconception about virtual school education is that students are..

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VLACS Awarded New Hampshire Excellence in Education Award

VLACS is proud and honored to share the news that we have been awarded a 2016 New Hampshire Excellence in Education Award! The award, also known as an..

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8 Valuable Advantages of Online Education

Virtual education is redefining what it means to go to school. As technology becomes second-nature, more and more parents and students are opting to..

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How Students with an IEP Can Succeed in Online, Competency-Based Programs

For students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), finding the right type of learning environment is a necessary ingredient for success. Whether..

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